Monday, November 23, 2009

Chrome OS And The Microsoft Squeeze - Reaction

What utter bs - until Chrome OS and Mac OS X are adopted by the enterprise, they are always going to be the outsiders looking in. Techcrunch writers really need to get their head screwed straight so they see the light. Or go to PDC...

Friday, November 20, 2009

AWS for Windows Developers

If you are:
1. A Windows developer
2. Curious about AWS
3. Using AWS services but want to manage your infrastructure

Get the AWS SDK for .NET Development :here:

Getting started with AWS is simple using the built-in Visual Studio templates, project samples and AWS reference documentation is integrated into Visual Studio (hit F1). Post a message to the AWS Windows development forum and tell us about your experience with the SDK.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Yankees - 27th Title

Many will attribute this latest addition to the Yankees trophy collection to the 1/2 Billion dollar acquisitions they made in the summer. I think more than the money spent, there is something to be said about the new set of individuals playing like a team. The big stars didn't bring this to the fray; it's the National League players they acquired that imbued in the "jaded" Yankees a oneness of cause and lightened the atmosphere in the staid locker-room.

Even if I am wrong, I am so happy that the Yankees won it all this year. The best team in baseball deserved to win. Alex Rodriguez can stop going to the therapist now - he played like a champion, albeit a tainted one. Everyone in baseball has considered or used steroids; I am sure football players use HGH as well. Players are going to cheat and us fans are going to find out eventually. Let's stop being petty and let the games continue...