Thursday, March 31, 2005

Hi Tanx

It's 3:10 on a Thursday morning and I'm totally jumping all over my office listening to some monster bhangra and bollywood hits. Just got off the phone with Helpdesk and restored my mailbox and Calendar. Got through nearly 100 to-do emails in my inbox and am now ready to write some code - yeah right :)

Gotta do a lot of reviewing in the upcoming weeks, coding guidelines to come up with and do whatever it takes to test the life out of SP1. Miles to go before I sleep...

Sunday, March 27, 2005


What's new - I can't sleep - it's 5AM and I can't sleep. Karan and I had an argument a few hours ago on something minor and that's started a bunch of threads of thought in my head. One revolves around his behaviour and most all the others, around mine. The last thing he said of any significance was, "Why does everything have to be a comparison?".

I don't think everything has to be or is a comparison but I'll agree and say a lot of things are just that - comparisons. Sometimes they are healthy and other times they are not. I know this is something I need to work on and I have - some things just don't bother me as much as they used to; I've learnt to pick my battles, so to speak. But there are some instances when comparisons are inevitable...

Why are they inevitable? Well, because it is in our nature as human beings to compare, rarely if ever for the right things. It's what keeps us going, it's what drives us to scale greater heights. This isn't a cop out mind you, this behaviour is deeply entrenched in our psyche and social fabric - I've witnessed comparisons since I can remember: "Why wasn't I invited?", "Why does he have a cool office?", "Why is he getting a raise?", etc, etc.

I've seen that making a comparison, especially when you compare someone's behaviour with your own, often provides the person you are arguing with a means of escape. This is something I'm going to keep my eyes open for but I know I can't totally stop. To some extent, this is what gives me some of my MOJO...

Friday, March 25, 2005

Too much woking out this week

Wednesday was a rough day. Work was very hectic and I had no real motivation to go work out. Dragged me feet into the gym and got myself into the Yoga room, albeit twenty minutes late. I was worn out from my workouts on Monday and Tuesday and Cathy has been a total sadist this past month, which hasn't been a problem till Wednesday night. I'll just say this, my muscles were burning at the end of the session like they never have before.

Got home and treated myself to "too much" sev mumraa. Nearly went to bed on the couch, got ready for bed and then, couldn't go to sleep for nearly an hour.

To summarize, workout for Wednesday:
1 Hour Yoga
4 hours of soreness

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A New Start

I've decided to start chronicling my workouts in this space (till I come up with a better way of tracking what I'm doing) as a way to keep myself motivated to going to the gym. Here's what I did last night:

Lessons from 6:25 to 8:20
The Stair Master for 11 Minutes
The Elliptical Machine for 21 Minutes (2.56 miles)
20 Pull-ups
30 Tricep Dips
20 reps 80lbs
21s with 45lbs

My Current Weight: 182lbs

Yesterday was the first day in many months that I actually got onto the cardio machines to bump up my heart rate. I've had a hard time motivating myself to use the indoor machines; I love running outside but I can't because my right knee hurts everytime I do. I miss playing squash and though tennis is a lot more fun, it isn't as intense of a workout as squash was. This has led to some interesting "shape" changes that need to be addressed. The good news is that Seattle might have a beautiful summer, more reason to go out biking and roller-blading and less reason to be on the dumb machines. With that said, sun or no sun, I'm aiming to get a 30 minute cardio workout 4 times a week...

Guess which cricketer?!

TESTS (including 16/03/2005)
M I NO Runs HS Ave 100 50 Ct St
122 196 21 10077 248* 57.58 34 41 77 0

ONE-DAY INTERNATIONALS (including 27/12/2004)
M I NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 Ct St
342 333 32 13497 186* 44.84 86.20 37 69 101 0

And there is talk of dropping him - WTF!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Thinking London, Uttering Tokyo!!

Girl: It's unfair; these girls have no issues with their frames. Doesn't look like they were ever fat.
Guy: You have no frame issues, I don't think...

<Ahhhh Fuck> And I actually meant it as a compliment but, took a fat one in my ... X-(

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Not Ready for a Diet Program? Try These Simple Things

To summarize:

1. Eat Three Meals a day
2. Avoid eating carbs at night - no bread, corn or rice
3. Eat smaller portions of food
4. Drink a ton of water

Nothing seems to work for me anymore. The march towards obesity has begun for me...

Sunday, March 13, 2005

How can I get a woman to like me more

Stan: How can I get a woman to like me more than another guy?
Chef: Simple Stan, just find the ________!
Stan: What?
Chef: Hang on, what did I just say?
Stan: What's a ________?
Chef: Nothing, nothing, forget I said it."

What do you think the Chef suggested to Stan? Do you think that's true? Help poor Stan, what do you think he should find to make his woman like him more?

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Seattle's packed with Wi-Fi spots

More reason to go out with a wireless enabled laptop during the beautiful summer that this season is building up towards. Time to get out, work and enjoy...

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Eeshwar neend de, khaana de

Random thoughts
Tired, sleepy and hungry.
Work has been very hectic since I returned.
Unpacked and cleaned up my place on Sunday.
About time I started fitting in again, else I'll go insane.
Listening to Husan right now, Saaki will play next.
Too much tennis: 1 lesson, 1 hour of hitting and 3 sets later, I can't walk.
K. I. M.

Sunday, March 06, 2005 - Blog-linked firings prompt calls for better policies - Mar 6, 2005

Beware, not only is Big Brother watching, but your employer will know if you post something on your blog - so you had better post sensibly. Did I hear someone say "Free Speech"?