Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Impressing Asian parents is an NP Hard problem

To quote Economist intern, Adnan Sarwar, on why you probably don't need an MBA:
Do it because you want to.
I was trying to please Asian parents. I had failed them in my teens by not getting into medical school, and instead joining the army. You cannot impress Asian parents. Unhappiness is their default. And honestly, I believe they enjoy it. My mother has berated me for over twenty years for not getting an arranged marriage. She never tires of it. I call home to tell her how my job at The Economist is going and there it is—that painful pause, hear it?—and then “When are you going to get married?” If I did get married, my mother would be unimpressed by my choice. If she chose my wife, she would be unimpressed that I was not yet Lakshmi Mittal. My mother is unrelenting.

Which is to say: remember, you do not need an MBA. Only do it if you want to. Food and water are needs; an MBA is an expensive want. Like a Rolex. And that didn't impress my mother either.
I agree with Adnan's assertion, for the most part. Indian parents, moms in particular, can be very difficult to please. The key to overcoming that insurmountable issue is to decouple your sense of self worth from your mom's approval. In a weird twist, once your mom realizes that you are past her judgment, she will stop judging you.