Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Power of a Positive Mindset

What follow are excerpts from a great article on QZ (, which collectively indicate that a positive mindset is key to overcoming adverse circumstances:
Crum’s work has shown that mindsets significantly influence both our physical and mental health in areas as diverse as exercise, stress and diet.
As I look back at the last few years in Men's tennis, the ascendency of Novak Djokovic can be attributed squarely to his self belief and positive mindset. He believes he can win every match he plays, and with a few positive results his belief gets reinforced, thereby creating a virtuous cycle.

Back to the article:
Back on the US East Coast for the holidays, the chill in the air and the early nightfall already had some of my friends and family grumbling. But I was able to convince at least some of them to find what they love about winter and lean into it; looking at winter as an opportunity rather than a burden can help people enjoy all that the season has to offer.
I pointed out that Norwegians embrace the idea of koselig, or “coziness” – that making the conscious effort to light candles and fires, drink warm beverages and snuggle under blankets can be enjoyable and relaxing.
And taking the time to bundle up and get outside even in the worst weather can help you feel like winter isn’t limiting your opportunities for recreation. Norwegians have a saying that “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing,” which typifies their ingrained belief that being active is part of a happy life – and, especially, a happy winter."