Friday, November 14, 2003

Insomnia once again

It is becoming harder and harder to go to bed every night. I've taken a hot shower tonight to facilitate the lids from deciding it's time to shut down. Tomorrow is a big day - I have to wake up in time for an 8am training that will last all day long. In between, I've got a tonna things to co-ordinate, go to the lawyer, buy S/W for my dad, geez how much can one guy do! I'll do it all though, do it all ;)

I've started ending my sentences with eh these days - an affliction of my friends from across the border up North - Canada yaar! Lots of exciting things happening in my life right now on both the work and personal front. Things are coming together, plans are in place for New Year's - I can't wait to be in India baby - India. But hold on, everyone's getting married, will my parents force me too - I think my dad might but my mom, she's not gonna bother me with such trivial details - now's the time to party she says - yeah right Mother! :)

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