Friday, July 07, 2006

As I Lay in Bed

Anywhere I roam
Where I lay my head is home

This past week has been very satisfying - I am on top of issues at work and have worked out thrice this week. My squash game is looking up too but it's too early to gauge anything based on the inconsistent nature of my game since my return. I have lost matches to people who I could've coached in 2004, which has me really determined to find the form of yore. I have time on my side so all I need now is to work at getting better.

I got my 45 day notice for the next stage of my green card processing to begin. Not that I really understand what this notice business means except that it'll take an entire year to get the next stage. I asked the attorney how much time I had to get married to a non-American citizen and she couldn't stop cracking up. You know for once, I wasn't trying to be funny even!!

Some part of the upcoming weekend should be spent in putting my house in order. I need to get an estimate on the damage to my car, post my iPod battery replacement form, collect my mail, load the dishwasher and fold multiple laundry loads. Time to recruit Amru's help again in this laundry folding business. Don't you think she won't extract her price - she'll make me cook something, which I don't mind cuz I like cooking!

So here's the weekend lineup. Bizo's cover band's first show starts Friday evening. Some team activity on Friday night. Tennis with Junior on Saturday followed by lunch at CCF. Surprise birthday parties on Saturday night. Soccer World Cup with the chance of a potential lunch with the Pope on Sunday. And a whole lotta chores interspersed with these activities all weekend long. I can't wait to wake up tomorrow morning! Lights out...

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