Sunday, April 06, 2008

WannaBet - The silent weeks are coming to an end

There hasn't been much news worth writing about over the last few weeks. In the Technology World, Apple's brand is scaling new heights while Microsoft's image is in steady decline. The youth of America want to have nothing to do with the real problems that beset the rest of the country but can't get enough of the exploits of the idiots on MTV. The War in Iraq rages on, the credit crisis continues to threaten the financial well being of every American, I wish I was being paid in Euros (even Rupees) instead of the $$ - isn't the status quo comforting?

Speaking of the status quo, one thing that has definitely changed is my involvement in projects outside of work. No I am not talking about my antics on the squash court or at the local pub - come on now! Rajit, Nishant and I put a lot of our creative efforts into building a new Facebook application - it's called WannaBet? and as the name suggests, it gives wings to the casual better lurking within all of us. So how's this work?

First up, you need to get yourself a facebook account if you don't have one already. On a side note, if you don't have facebook account, have you been living under a rock? :)

Second, point your browser to WannaBet?

Third, think of the last time you had an argument with your pesky room-mate when you know you were right but he wouldn't back down. Create a bet with him, set the stakes, set an end date, invite your friends to vote on the bet and make him pay for his stubbornness. I wouldn't mind losing a bet to a girl, so creating a bet is out of the question when I disagree with a girl ;)

Fourth, let me know what you think including any feature requests.

Finally, have yourself a blast in whatever it is you do.

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