Monday, June 09, 2008

House Hunting, Cooking, and Everything in Between

Just polished off (literally, the pan is squeaky clean) a tasty lunch I whipped together from some leftovers and veggies from the fridge. I no longer follow recipes while cooking, but I think it is time for me to open up a recipe book again so I learn how to use new ingredients in my cooking. Being vegetarian is limiting in itself; add to that limitation an inability to effectively digest and process restaurant food has compelled me to add more recipes to my current list of favorites.

I gainfully employed my time last week in finding places to buy in a few Seattle neighborhoods. I am looking at buying a house located between Beacon Hill and Queen Anne (that encompasses most of the core Seattle city area) that is priced lower in the $350k range. There is a glut of condominiums in my areas of interest, but houses that are priced practically have been harder to find. Advice to all first time buyers - don't trust the pictures uploaded to sites because pictures LIE. Redfin has been a great resource, but trust me, nothing works like walking from house to house with an agent, especially one whose opinion you trust. Goes to show how much we crave the human connection when making big decisions in life...

Rafa Nadal really dominated Roger Federer this past Sunday in the French Open 2008 Men's Final. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Roger as I saw his confidence annihilated by Rafa who played like a man possessed by the tennis Gods. I have been rooting for Rafa since I saw him win his first French Open, and I see him (maybe Djokovic) as the only threats to Roger's quest for a 6th consecutive Wimbledon crown. I think the Rafa-Roger rivalry is great for Tennis, and it's time for a new successor to Roger's throne.

The rain continues unabated in Seattle, and though the Sun has made a few attempts at breaking the cycle of wet weather, the clouds have been relentless. A very big factor in my decision to buy a place is how bright the home is, even on a rainy day. Maybe I am more susceptible to being affected by Seattle's weather, but I still find it very hard to motivate myself to do anything productive when it's so dank and dreary outside. I did some research, and found that such constant changes in weather patterns wreak havoc on our circadian cycle, subsequently altering our metabolic rates. If you thought SAD (seasonal affect disorder) was a figment of a depressed person's imagination, think again; the disorder is real and so are its consequences!

Apple announced the new 3G iPhone today - the 2.0 software update, the sleeker phone (didn't expect this), the iPhone application store, et all will be released on July 11 2008. The iPhone SDK is now final and can be downloaded from :here: once you have signed up for an Apple developer account and promised to hand over your first born to Apple :) I have run out of platitudes for Apple's ability to deliver products, software and services that push the envelope; all I can say is "Caveat Competitors".

What should Manoj do next? Suggestions welcome...

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