Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Roundup of Thoughts - 13 April 2009

In the "Real Life is imitating Reel Life" series, the planned demilitarization of America seems to draw inspiration from the current series of 24. If real life follows the script of the show, some disgruntled arms dealing "Patriot" is going to collude with one of America's opponents. Only bad things can come out of something like that.

I read Tony Greig's comments about the rising number of 6s in the limited overs game being a bad thing for cricket. He used the argument that a 6 is so entertaining because it is a rarity; the air of anticipation is what makes the outcome so viscerally pleasing. From where I sit, this is utter hockum - this is like saying home-runs are destroying the game of baseball; that the incessant slam dunking by NBA players has made the act of dunking passe and pedestrian. Too bad Tony's words aren't going to stop the players from "Taking it to the Maximum".

Senator John McCain was a guest on The Tonight Show, and he came across as genuine, entertaining, witty and humble. I hope he is re-elected to his seat as governor of Arizona.

Australia has officially been displaced by South Africa as the #1 team in the World One Day Cricket standings. Go Springboks! I hope my colleague Ben, who is currently vacationing in South Africa, gets a chance to see a game live.

I wanted to post about something else but it has totally escaped my mind. Another fallout of getting older. Oh now I remember - I signed my tax forms today. If you're looking to get your taxes done, you should contact Jana Banks at 206-270-0281. She has been doing taxes for years, is approachable, thorough, and very organized. Unorganized and disheveled tax accountants don't do too well, I suppose. There is a subconscious correlation we make between thorough and organized; there is no comfort in handing your earnings statements (and the like) to a seemingly unorganized person!


  1. "...this is like saying home-runs are destroying the game of baseball; that the incessant slam dunking by NBA players has made the act of dunking passe and pedestrian."

    Those things HAVE ruined their respective sports. Instead of practicing their swing and their form, baseball players are resorting to steroids so they can hit for power. Instead of practicing their ball skills and their mid-range jumper, basketball players are trying to see what they can do with the ball in their hands, 45 inches in the air. Ask anyone who has been watching any of the major sports (basketball, baseball, football) and they will tell you it was much more pure and fun to watch 20 years ago than it is today.

  2. Just two points about what you said (I don't disagree with your thoughts per se).

    1. Steroids have been used in competitive sports since the beginning of time. There is such an emphasis on winning, on being #1 that it can consume a player. Difference is, today players get caught.

    2. In team sports, the focus is on showmanship. The days of finesse in sports are gone, but that is natural evolution. If the sport didn't change in 20 years, it would lose viewership and be considered boring.