Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's been a while...

Since I:
- Had to completely reset my phone and start afresh. Apparently, sending and receiving about 3000 text messages and never deleting them from your phone is a bad idea. The database gets really corrupted - like I knew that was gonna happen
- Was part of a team that won its semi-final match and is headed to an ARCL divisional final. Hurrah!
- Came to work on a Sunday at 8pm
- Didn't have Internet at home
- Won a squash match this emphatically (4-0)

But enough bullet points; you would mistake this for a powerpoint presentation. I have been mulling over a few topics to write forth on, but the last two weeks have been the most hectic of 2009 (or so it seems). Arun married Purvie last weekend, and as one of his close friends in Seattle, I was assigned a few tasks during the wedding. All but one went off very smoothly, and in my books, that's a job well done. Surd was in town this past week as well - the guy unfortunately got the flu while on vacation, and unintentionally left it behind for me to pick it up as well. I've had a scratchy throat and have run a fever since Friday, but it isn't anything serious. At least not serious enough to prevent me from playing every sport I like this weekend!

Kapil, Prachie and Aadi have moved to Seattle from Dallas, and I couldn't have asked for something better. In Kapil, I have found a partner in crime for all my sporting activities - he plays tennis, cricket, golf, squash and racquetball - yippee! Wait, I forgot to mention, he just ran the Dallas half marathon (maybe it was the Austin one); more motivation for me to run and a companion that is willing to schlepp it to the West Side every now and again. The pot gets sweeter by the day.

In what I believe is the natural progression of things, Ashish and I tried something new last evening - we went to a lounge and spent quality time with Samrah and her friends. The outcome was surprising to us both - the conversation was crisp, the people were friendly, and there was none of the show-boarding that so characterizes trips to a club or bar in Belltown. The two of us have vowed to have more nights like these - where the people are few yet interesting, and we can walk away feeling like we learned something about someone new, rather than nothing about everyone around us. Next week, it's Lauren's house warming party...

On to the new week it is. My work is progressing at a good clip and this week is going to fly by pretty fast. I'll be in Vegas, India and Hawaii over the next two months - give me a shout if you're going to be in any of these locales, and I'll share my dates with you. Have a good week.

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