Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Been a while

A lot has transpired since the last time I wrote a real blog post. Yes it's true, I am bitten by the twitter bug! It is infinitely easier to live in the moment, to observe rather than reflect, to react rather than think. Even when I did want to write, my surroundings conspired against my best wishes and left me with no real time or peace of mind to pen my thoughts. It turns out that unless I take the time to void my thoughts, they will continue to occupy my mind; there is no notion of free time - it is all spoken for.

Approximately a month ago, I grudgingly returned back to Seattle from a three week sojourn in Bombay. It was hard to come back this time, especially after having spent time in the throes of family. In an odd twist, no other entity can make you realize how lonely your existence is more than your own family can. Selfish as it may sound, there is something deeply comforting about the fact that someone is either waiting for you to get home or you are waiting for someone to come home to you. I now understand the compulsion people feel to start a family, to get a dog, to live with room-mates. Like cocaine addiction, this sense of comfort is uplifting yet fleeting; once you acquire it, you chase the high forever.

Often times we go on vacation and come back relaxed, with no other real dividend earned. This trip to India, relaxing as it was, yielded an unexpected bonus - I experienced what a parent must feel when they see their child grow up into an adult. For many years now, Nikhil has been a free agent; it has been hard to pin him down and inspire him to do anything of real import. The Nikhil I saw this time around was a changed person. He took a huge responsibility upon himself, he shepherded a store from conception to completion before my very eyes, vetoed decisions that he believed weren't in the best interests of the brand at large, and managed finances to the best of his abilities. This, for a guy who couldn't concentrate on anything work-related for more than two hours, was a volte face! My younger brother had finally stepped up to his responsibilities and taken his rightful place among the league of men. I have no doubts that he will be Extraordinary.

Since my return, I have plunged headlong into the sea of work yet to be accomplished. With a new product release around the corner, work is proving to be more than just a distraction from the bigger problems I have to eventually encounter. If I am not vigilant, work will consume every waking moment, even percolate into the nether hours thereby disrupting my already fragile circadian rhythms. I need to take pause, make the most of my time at work and strive for balance. Wish me well, for I will definitely need all the blessings I can muster...

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