Friday, January 08, 2010

Amazing writeup on the rumored Apple Tablet

Then again ...

... And, of course, assuming there’ll even be an Apple Tablet, or an iSlate, or whatever we think they’re going to call it.

My course is clear. My airfare is non-refundable. During the final week of January, I hope to be sitting in an auditorium at Yerba Buena Gardens learning about the Apple Tablet.

If I fly out there and Apple doesn’t hold their rumored launch event, then I’ll drive down to Cupertino. I’ll stand outside the Apple campus in a trenchcoat holding a boombox over my head, playing a Peter Gabriel song up at the upper windows until Steve Jobs is so touched by this romantic gesture that he sends me away with an engineering sample.

Dammit, something needs to be done. This frustrating state of affairs simply can’t continue.
Some day, I wish I can conjure up a single idea that moves the press to wax poetic and yearn for just an *Engineering* sample...

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