Thursday, April 26, 2012

Android is in trouble...

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Business Insider posted a story about how Android is in trouble. One factor they missed is the announcement from Verizon that they are going to push Windows Phone 7/8 devices this holiday season.

People might have forgotten this, but until the Droid was launched by Verizon with much fanfare, Android was a bit-player in a space dominated by iOS and Windows. This announcement from Verizon is a double-edged sword for the fledgling Microsoft Phone OS. If Windows Phone sales don't pick up significantly post this marketing push from Verizon, it would be safe to ring the death knell for the platform. The flip side is the platform will take off and become a worthy competitor to iOS.

Notice I did not mention Android in 2013. However you dice it, the fact that Verizon is shifting its focus on Windows cannot augur well for the platform. Verizon recognizes that the iPhone sells itself; it needs to be put its weight behind the second platform. Windows Phone is its new "second" platform, dethroning Android. Samsung, HTC and other Android ISVs better switch platforms if they want to stay relevant.

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