Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cute iPad Mini Commercial idea

My fiancee and I are both surprised that Apple is no longer showcasing how human connections prosper when using their devices. They did this with great success in their earlier FaceTime ad campaign. Look no further than this one for an example of what I am referring to:

Similar to these commercials, Puneet had a great idea for a new iPad Mini commercial. The storyline goes like this:
Cue a kid (4 or 5) tugging at his dad's shirt. His dad is seemingly doing something important. The focus shifts to the dad's iPad and, lo and behold, his dad is playing a video game. The tugging continues unabated - the kid wants his dad to spend time with him...

The dad reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out an iPad Mini, and hands it over to his son. The son intuitively launches the game and the two play the same game in multi-player mode on their individual devices.
Now that's what I call a holiday commercial! Apple, are you listening?

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