Thursday, January 03, 2013

Please start writing again...

I used to write every day. It used to be about nothing. It used to be about everything. I talked about squash, about code, about discoveries, about love lost. I used to fill every living minute with some activity - a workout, a squash match, a coffee, a girl, a blog post. And then I fell in love.

It's taken me a full two weeks to realize the degree of contentment I now experience when I am with Puneet. I am not compelled to venture out of my zone, to chase new escapades and adventures, to even work out like I used to. In 2013, I have resolved to tweak that ever so slightly. I want to start writing and working out again...

It will take me a few weeks of trying and failing to get back into the groove again. Ideas will start flowing again, the words will make sense when strung into a sentence, I will capture the gestalt of situations again. Until then, bear with a man whose fingers can type but whose mind has gone on a walkabout.

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