Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Catching up

I met Mr Jayant Madhavan this evening for dinner and dessert in downtown Seattle. It was fun talking about our crazy times together in Ruparel - playing catch up is so fun. I got the lowdown on what made his life go round and he got the gossip from my side of the world - a humble feast at Dilettante and I drove back to the East Side. Ho hum...

Ishmeet graces Seattle with his presence this coming Saturday. I am pretty excited about his visit, his last outing before he puts his head down and grinds his way through Kellogg's Management Program. Strangely enough, it gives me great pride to announce his admission into the revered program; it's as if his getting in is the equivalent of me having being admitted - queer!

Today was a great day at work - there have been some pending tasks that I really hadn't gotten around to doing during the week gone by because of some HCT issue or the other. With all the administrative knots being straightened out, I can now focus my energies on what I love doing - writing code :) Aite, my five minutes of free-form are up, it's time to hit the powerpoint slides again. But before I go, here's a shout out to my man, Kartik - the whiz is now helping me compile my first Hip-Hop cd - so many talents in one person, geez ;)

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