Monday, August 18, 2003

Memory Test

Let's see how many of you remember the name of the song with these lyrics:

No.1 in a the Bombay chart
Indian me a tear them apart
When me come me bring a new stylee
So listen crowd of people and you have to follow me

This isn't all that tough but if you were in India in '93, you couldn't have not heard this song - Chok There - Apache completely took the Indian masses by storm. And then he went ahead and remixed his super duper hit - more money - more fame. And then he disappeared to a life of relative obscurity. I remember, we'd cut our hair like in his brazen style - those were the days...

Whenever man starts reminiscing about his past, HE's old... I guess that's what I feel now, old, older than those younger than me. The optimist in me wants to convince myself that I'm wiser, but that's just solace. Saw a nice movie this evening, Indian Chai - made me miss home more than just a bit. Can there be a concept like India-overdose. Oh, if there isn't, I think I'm close to being there. But one thing's for sure, I'm having the time of my life - if getting older means having more fun - ohh man, bring it on...

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