Friday, October 31, 2003

Security Holes in Mac OS X Jaguar

It's not only Windows that has security holes - the venerable Unices and their direct descendents, ala Mac OS X, have their own share of holes. This article intrigues me because it alleges that the Macintosh maker is not going to provide fixes to patch the holes in the earlier release of it's OS, version 10.2 purportedly because it wants people to upgrade to 10.3 (Panther). Panther released only last week to ooohhs and aaaahs in Apple Stores all over the country. The enthusiasm and hype was redolent of any other Mac event because the company has some devout and rabid fans - fanatical I'd say.

The public outcry was quick and scathing. Panther isn't a free upgrade, it costs $129 for a single license and $150 for a home license (up to 5 computers). People equated Apple's actions as daylight robbery, heresy and what not...

It turns out that the Mac company got a lot of flak for nothing or maybe, the flak made them re-think their original plan. Whichever way, the consumer has won again. Here is the updated article, courtesy Slashdot and MacWorld: Apple will fix security flaws in Jaguar

As the poster of the original story said: Next conspiracy please...

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