Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What Do You Know?!!

I'm awake and at work and it's only 8:15 in the morning. I woke up at 7am (all by myself, okay, with some help from the cell phone alarm), checked email, showered, drank coffee and was in by 8am. I'm the Build Master this week (looks like) and as is always the case, my luck with builds is wretched :) - I'll report how this plays out in a couple of days. To all you folks out there that start your day early, I understand your motivation and hope I can do this maybe once a week. See, my problem has always been having very high expectations from myself. Once a week is an achievable target, a baby step. No?!

Update at 11:20am:
I am tired and sleepy. My legs are leaden and my eye-lids are half-open. I think it is time for a short cat nap.

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