Friday, November 18, 2005

Who'd have thunk it?

I had just dropped Karan off to the airport for his first trip out of Seattle with the Wife. The Better Half in this case seems to be a calm, effusive and warm person; it's no surprise that Karan's sister did the picking. I had called ahead and determined where the mob would be after the Williams sisters event and headed straight for the designated spot. I expected nothing; I had met all these people (except Adrian) only on the tennis court and most of the time, our interactions had been all business.

Scene 1
Peso's, Queen Anne, Seattle
A raucous, drunken mob

The folks were sitting in a booth but I couldn't figure out which one. I decided to follow the familiar voices and found them sitting around a table littered with shot glasses. The lilt in their voices, the glazed eyes, everything made sense. What got my attention next was that everyone on the table was in non-tennis clothes and all I can say about that is, deamn! Why did I spend so much time playing squash?!

Multiple rounds of shots, a trip to Safeway to buy batteries so Angie could take pictures of the group and a lot of screeching ensued. The drink of the night became B-52 shots and I think we stopped drinking at just the right time. Everyone was tossed, no one was wasted and we had two people who stayed sober so that the gang could be transported to a club.

Scene 2
80s night

The 80s tunes crept out into the open street where we stood waiting for the others to show up. This might not be a bad idea after all I thought to myself. Little did I know how good the idea was. I've remarked earlier that I'm in an 80s funk these days and the music just hit the spot. My feet weren't moving at first, the movements alien and forgotten. But the folks I was with helped me find my groove and it was a total party once we got going. It was as if we were in the zone, extremely safe in each other's company, which left nothing to worry about. I haven't had this much fun dancing in a while and my aching feet are a testament to how much I did dance.

Scene 3
872 PYV
The Ride Back

Six people in one car. Lots of ducking down, lap-sitting, "Get your hands lower ...", and revoked invitations are all I remember about the ride back home. First stop: Outside Dick's on Queen Anne so Angie, Kristin and Christine could ride home independently. We followed Angie and Kristin to ensure they made it home safe and at the beginning, we thought we had made a mistake - Angie drove on the wrong side of the road for a while before correcting her ways! Next stop was Radha's place in Fremont and finally I dropped Adrian off in Bldg 26 at 4:20am.

The tennis courts are where it's at.
This should happen more often...

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