Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Return of the iPod

A few months ago, my iPod's battery completely died. Good thing that I had applied for a Battery replacement via the iPod Class Action Lawsuit. A few weeks ago, the settlement came through and I received a letter in the email requesting me to authorize Apple to charge $29.99 to my credit card in exchange for a new battery. I received a box a week after Cia posted my authorization form, I packed my iPod into it and DHL'ed the busted Pod in.

I received my iPod with a brand spanking battery last Tuesday and I was skeptical till I actually powered it up. The smile on my face when it actually turned on is hard to describe so I'll describe how I felt - like a little kid who had just found his long lost toy. Its effects on my life have been dramatic since - I can lift weights longer, I spend at least 20 minutes on the cardio machines (stair master, exerbike or elliptical) and I no longer need to talk on the phone during long drives.

I'd recommend that you get A music player - the iPod is just one of many devices available on the market today. It will turn your life around too because life without music isn't really life at all...

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