Thursday, August 24, 2006

An Uneventful Week

You would think that uneventful weeks are relaxing. Au contraire, an uneventful week lacks events because I spend a lot of time at work, which results in an exhausted Manoj by Thursday evening. This lack of events will end tonight, when I board the bus that will take me to Safeco Field. It's time to watch the Yankees whoop some Mariners butt!!

We are in the process of signing off on RC1 builds and that process has consumed most of my time this past week. Last week's workouts left me drained so I took a break from the gym on Monday. I am always making a concerted effort to sleep earlier than my usual time so I can ride the bus in to work more often. I have narrowed down the cause for my late night tv watching sprees to the late night eating; cutting out the bowl of cereal and/or crackers with peanut butter has been hard but I am sleeping by 12:30. Go figure!

Last weekend was special in more ways than one. I had a great time at The Ballroom in Fremont, had my first squash lesson in months, Alenka and Wes got me started with roller-blading which I thoroughly enjoyed and I finally met Jen. No weekend is complete without some unnecessary shopping now is it? The hope is that Nikhil will steal a lot of the new clothes I bought but that was it for me. I did almost nothing else till Monday rolled around.

Time to go get my tickets to tonight's game. Anything noteworthy happen to you this week?

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