Monday, September 25, 2006

The Bombay Reality - Final Post

September 25 2006

I just witnessed the sun set on a beautiful Autumn day in Bombay. On this terrace I stand content, the unencumbered evening breeze in my face. Like this day, this sojourn in my home city is coming to an end. As night falls on this last day, I choose not to reflect on the two weeks gone by. That would only make me despondent; the unadulterated fun, childish exploits and idle reveries have rendered me devoid of stress and despondency. If only I could capture this trip, no wait, just this moment in a still frame.

The orange hues in the sky are beginning to dissipate as the cawing of the crows is supplanted by the honking of cars. I strain my eyes to catch a final glimpse of the sun beyond the horizon. I take a deep breath, and then another so I can feel the salt from the sea in my nostrils. If there was another moment of sheer bliss, it's not one I can recall. Time to snap back to reality and walk the steps down to my flat. Some final items need to be packed but as I leave I take pause. A white crescent has just emerged from behind the dark clouds and demands my attention...

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