Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Bombay Reality - Post 3

A Pleasant Tuesday Afternoon

I can hear the birds chirping outside my window as I write this. The sound of cars whizzing on the main road I choose to drown out now - it's a constant that reminds me how bustling this city is. A BEST bus just took off from its stop right outside my apartment building carrying tired workers back home. There was a time when Bombay was blanketed by smog. The smog, with that time has passed and has given way to blue skies and cleaner air.

The birds continue making music as a soft, balmy breeze laps at me through the open windows. Today is the first day that I don't need a ceiling fan to keep me cool, an upshot of my acclimatization to the warmer locale. This blissful deadline-free existence is addicting, a narcotic that has rid me of stress and freed me from the trappings of the corporate rat race. It has to be a ringing phone that breaks my idle reverie.

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