Monday, March 10, 2008

Firefox 3.0 - Get it cause it's HOT

Download Link: Discover Firefox 3.0

For everyone that had something to complain about with Firefox 2.0, the newest release will make you cheer. Improved tabbed browsing, a new soothing (and aesthetic) theme, improved memory management, improved security controls, better javascript support, better web standards support - in short, a Better Browser. I've been a Firefox user since its heyday as Phoenix 0.1, but even I was floored with the attention to detail and usability that has gone into this latest release.

Firefox is now among the first few applications I install on a new computer, and honestly, I am surprised that the OEMs haven't gotten in on the act of pre-installing computers with Firefox. If they did, I don't know how many people would actually use IE...

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