Friday, August 08, 2008

Aah, finally a home owner

I am still sore from the packing and moving on Wednesday; had I not had the help of some very gracious folks that passed up other commitments on a Wednesday evening, I might have still been moving boxes. Both Suri and I tried to hire help for the physically challenging tasks, and when we couldn't, I was fortunate that Ashish, Arun, Karthik, Puneet, Sumeet and I were up to the task. The 17ft U-Haul was packed to the brim - the stacking and re-stacking of the first set of boxes that were put into the back of the truck paid off or I would have had to make another round trip between Redmond and my new place.

Not that it should be a surprise, but unloading the truck was a breeze. We built an assembly line that carried boxes from the truck to the garage. We left the moving of the couch and the television to the living room level for last, and looking back, I think that was a wise move considering how much of a tedium moving those up the narrow staircase proved to be. Worse still, the couch scratched up the walls on its slow and arduous journey up the stairs, which totally broke my heart. I hadn't even had a chance to enjoy my new place and its walls were already beat up...

Almost no one I know pays the $14 to buy accidental U-Haul insurance; I always do. I have moved 4 times in the last six odd years, and I sure can afford $14 every 18 months. Seems like a small price to pay considering that the Safe-Move protection plan covers all liability on the truck regardless of the person at fault. Actually, it seems like the smartest "move" when you accidentally ding the side of your U-Haul while driving up the ramp to your house. The sheer peace of mind that the $14 buys you is worth the investment; when the sum lets you get off scot-free - that's priceless!!

I slid into bed a little after 2am on Thursday. Boxes littered every floor, and even though they were as exhausted as I, while I was driving the U-Haul back to Redmond, my parents found energy to locate and lay sheets on the floor so we could get some measure of rest that night. Waking up the next morning was a laborious task, but one that had to be undertaken. I pulled myself together, threw some clothes on, and trudged down the street to work. Fully awake but half conscious, I went about my activities in a daze. Attend meetings - check; review some code - check; drink coffee - check; keep oneself from dozing off in public - check. My thoughts often wandered to how my parents were holding up - had they eaten, had they slept, was my dad's back better.

A beaming smile greeted me at the door when I returned that evening. The boxes were partially unpacked, the living room had been tastefully arranged, the couches and TV had been moved around, the bathrooms had all the essentials laid out, the kitchen was mostly functional, painting were up on the walls, and the dishes had been unboxed and shelved. I couldn't believe my eyes - it was as if my parents had read my mind and had placed items just as I had envisioned. The rate at which they are going with the unboxing, we should be almost done by Saturday evening. Regardless of the end day, their choice of place-setting has created the right ambience for us all to sit down, share stories and laugh with a drink in hand. Finally, a place I can call truly mine in America...

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