Monday, August 04, 2008

This Monday...

It was made to believe that the event would be the equivalent of signing away my life. It didn't turn out quite as bad as I had anticipated; earlier today, I signed the papers that would entitle me to the keys of a brand new house - my 1st house, and biggest purchase to date. I'll post more pictures soon, but here is one to start things off.

Crowded Airports point to a bigger problem...

Most people complain that nothing really happens in India. The lack of infrastructure development is often blamed on politicians dragging their feet so that they can line their pockets with bribes. In the United States, changes are often stalled by neighborhood petitions, and the objections of the rich and famous. No pockets get lined here but the end result is the same...

The Blue Angels

I saw the Blue Angels on what was a gorgeous summer day in Seattle. My parents and I drove around for a bit before we found seating on a beach cum park in Medina. Though we skipped out on a lot of traffic, the drive to Leschi is worth it simply because the Angels are often flying right over the park. My parents believe that the air shows in Bombay, now a regular feature, are more spectacular; I can't comment because I haven't seen any air shows in Bombay.


The Melting Pot gets 3 out of 4 stars in my book. If you can't get a reservation when you want it, don't fret. Sitting in the restaurant's lounge-cum-bar area gets you all the food you crave without the wait.

Crude Prices today

Crude is at its lowest price in the last 3 months today, but this drop in prices isn't going to translate into lower prices for us yet. The lowest priced gas I saw today was $4.14 in South Seattle.


And finally, airlines in the US are going to start charging for everything on flights including beverages. About time they strike out the term "customer service" from their in-flight manuals...

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