Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Need more days like today

The ingredients that make for a perfect day are sound sleep, a productive day at work, a great workout, and a tasty meal before calling it a night. I got all of these and more today - I got some great advice on improving my squash game. It is no secret that I love playing squash, and like anything I pursue, I constantly want to improve my game. Sometimes to improve though, one must change a fundamental aspect of their game, and the advice I got today calls for such an adjustment. A well disguised and executed boast is almost always a point winner in squash. I was taught to play the percentages and hit the ball straight down the line, so I never really mastered the boast which is a lower percentage shot. Today, that's a glaring shortcoming in my game, and to get to the next level, I am going to have to add it to my arsenal.

I started working for my new team today, and though my work is related to the experience I acquired while working on EC2, it will take me a little while to become comfortable with my colleagues. A new office with a quasi-view through the conference room's windows will sweeten the pie a little bit, but the uncertainty of the new set of assignments has me nervously excited. With every new opportunity, I get a chance to reinvent myself, to work on how I am perceived as a professional. The first step towards doing that is making it to work at a reasonable hour. Sleeping at 2:40 in the morning isn't going to help in that endeavor! This whole spring forward has thrown my sleep cycle for a loop. I am not really complaining about the time shift though - walking back home while it's still light outside is a wonderful change from the dreariness of the winter. I think someone should convince the government to stop setting our clocks back an hour in the Fall because honestly, we're industrialized enough that setting the clocks back doesn't change how much energy we use. Get with the 21st century already...

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