Monday, March 16, 2009

Outrage at my Gas Bill

For the last three months, my eyes have been rolling backwards every time I cast a glance at my PSE utility bill. A gas bill of more than $100 is more than exorbitant given that I'm not at home for more than 12 hours every day, that the price of gas is almost half what it used to be only six months ago, and the utility companies are promising that they aren't profiting from their customers. I suspected some foul play, but this is America - it's not easy to steal "gas" from your neighbors!

When I saw a bill of $190 today, I flipped out, and actually lost my desire to go to the gym. I chose instead to investigate what might be going on. I wondered how other families are affording heating for their homes as I walked over to my gas meter and guess what - PSE and their great computerized system has been billing me for my neighbor's gas usage. You don't need to steal gas in America, PSE will help you by billing your neighbor without your asking.

My anger was amplified by the fact that the PSE call center stopped taking calls at 6:30; my call to them started ringing at 6:31. Sending them an email with the details is all I could do, and that's exactly what I did. I'll follow up the email with a call to their call center tomorrow morning. If they refuse to reimburse me for the excessive charges, I'm going to take my complaint to the Better Business Bureau. Let's see how this issue unfolds... In the interim, ensure that PSE is checking your house's meter and not your neighbor's.

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