Sunday, May 03, 2009

It's a lazy Sunday morning

My fortunes this past week have mirrored the swings in weather. Its fitting then that the week has ended on a sunny note. I woke up this morning, bid adieu to an old school friend who is on a whirlwind tour of the US, and before doing anything further, I sat out in the sun and meditated - some Manoj time was for the asking!

As my blog updates become less frequent and my use of twitter increases, I think any day I get a chance to sit down and pen my thoughts is a day I am blessed. Of late, I have onboarded new responsibilities and have let myself get caught up in situations that I could easily avoid. A quick note to the fledglings fantasizing about their grown-up days - being an adult sucks! Unless you make a concerted effort to keep up with your interests, something inevitably gets dropped off your list; sad thing is, most times this happens, you don't even realize what you've given up. In my case, that almost lost interest is music. Part of the reason for the diminished interest in music is ennui; the remainder is the lack of good stuff being released these days. I'll rephrase that - with my priorities shifting to work and my house, I haven't had a chance to explore my favourite genres for new music. Chalk up another consequence of quitting Microsoft - my Zune days exposed me to new artists, new music and to DJ Miss E's recommendations. Maybe it's time to reconnect with her, if only for her awesome taste in music! :)

Cricket has made a roaring comeback into my life, partly due to the IPL T20 tournament. I restored my connection with the ARCL and now play for a team comprised of Microsofties and Amazonians. My batting is rusty but my ability to track balls down (and hold on to catches) is undiminished; some batting practice and time at the crease will surely clear the cobwebs. Bowlers everywhere, watch out! Back to the IPL - I was thinking today that if the tournament is going to be held every year, cities that play host to each of the 7 teams can really profit from their respective franchises. With some creativity and updates to the existing infrastructure, the IPL can make a city a tourist haven, if only for the home games. Establish a home ground which will create a loyal fan base; upgrade the flight routes connecting each of the 7 cities to accommodate IPL fans and provide incentives to fly for a team's away games; hotels and guest services will mushroom around the grounds; voila, the city has a fresh crop of tourists that aren't visiting from a foreign country. The revenues from sales taxes alone will amount to a sizable sum of money...

Time to head out into the sun and smile through the rest of this gorgeous day!

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