Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Microsoft’s Ads Are Hurting Apple

The article summarizes the changes in the general public's perceptions of both Apple and Microsoft.
Apple has and still leads on: Quality (although MS has closed the gap) and Reputation.
MS has recently overtaken Apple on: Satisfaction and Value
MS has recently caught up to (i.e., virtually tied) on: General Impression, Willingness to Recommend"
With Windows 7 around the corner, Apple needs to reinvent itself or brace itself for a reversing of its growth spurt in the computer industry. I installed Windows 7 a few days ago, and even though the build is just an RC, there is very little to choose between a Mac and a PC now in terms of operating system. The build quality of Macs warranted the premium price tag, but those days are long gone. HP and Dell, in particular, have really stepped up to the plate and are building geek eye-candy. HP has the coolest people endorsing its products as well; the next year is going to be great for a laptop buyer.

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