Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The blogging experiment that failed

Two experiments today - both flopped.

First up - Email publishing. Made all the requisite configuration changes but no dice, with both blogger and MSN Spaces.

Second Experiment - MSN Spaces - future flop me think!
I know that as time goes on, it will be hard to maintain two blogs - I don't have the cycles to update one frequently enough.

Now about me - My thoughts and experiences of the past couple days have been dark and thought provoking. Moreover, I'm still searching for my centre, the calm zone that I hear Cathy talk about during Yoga. The things that I think about now aren't problems, aren't things I need to solve. They are work-related (for the most part) and I've accepted them as part of being an adult and having a job. No point in mulling over these issues once I've turned the lights off and walked out of my office space. This is an area where working out has helped a great deal; being in the gym and interacting socially with people who aren't in any way connected to work has helped in pushing issues out of my immediate consciousness. I feel normal again albeit, momentarily...

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