Thursday, April 07, 2005

Insipid, boring life this has become

Same thing - over and over again

Get to work at between 10 and 11
Eat at Noon
Enter Pro Club before 7:30
Workout till 11
Go home, drink Protein Shake, watch Jay Leno and/or Conan

Damn, whatever happened to the days when so much used to happen, when I had so many things to write about? I'll tell you what it is - I have things to write about but they aren't personal anymore. They're observations I make, of people and of situations. And suddenly, I don't think I have the liberty to express my opinions lest someone reads what I write and gets offended.

Let me take that back actually. I do have things to write; I have changed, morphed into someone I don't know anymore. I'm calm and unstable at the same time, I'm responsible and remiss, more and more of a study in contrasts. I'll write some about what has changed tomorrow but this change might be here to stay. And no, I'll never be able to wake up early in the morning or sleep early at night - that's just not programmed into my DNA...

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