Thursday, June 02, 2005

Attention iPod owners like me: Apple Settles IPod Batteries Suit

If you bought your iPod after September 2003 and are having battery troubles (duhh!), you might get a new iPod because of 8 customers who sued Apple. I might get a new iPod, I might get a new iPod...
Thousands complained that the battery -- which cost $99 to replace -- lasted 18 months or less and that they could play music for only four hours or less before having to recharge it.

Under the settlement, people who fill out a claim form are entitled to $50 toward the purchase of any Apple products or services except iTunes downloads or iTunes gift certificates.

Consumers who had battery troubles can also get their battery or iPod replaced. Apple currently replaces or repairs defective products that are returned within one year; the settlement extends that to two years, plaintiffs’ lawyers said.

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