Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Blogging from home

Before I go to bed. It's late, I've eaten like a pig, worked hard and worked out hard today. Great way to start a week, thank god it didn't start on a Monday :) Objective of this year, get invited to a 4th of July bbq next year! Small, achievable goals I must set for myself. I've given up on the lose weight one a long time ago.

I did something different today. I wrote an email to someone I met just once, hoping that she'd get in touch. Hmm, the last time I did that was when I first came to the US. I take that back, that was different. In that case, the girl gave me her email address. This one, I got from a friend, who is really proud of the fact that he's a P*$P now :) More on that later. So, where was I again? Oh yeah, I'll let you know if she does get in touch with me. It was an interesting meeting I'll say, but I'd like to write about my trip to Chicago before I delve into this topic. Sufficeth to say, it might be worth it ;)

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