Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Rested and Energized

All of last week is a blur; my only distinct memory is of walking through the corridors of Building 27. We finally signed off on our work on Friday at 4:25pm after the team's herculean effort over nearly two weeks. Yes two weeks of night outs, take-out dinners and 3am trips to Denny's, we were done, at least for now! It was a very kind gesture on the part of management to give the entire team Monday off. Here is what I did over my unscheduled long weekend.

So this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me well. I did it again, spent all of Saturday sleeping that is; typical after a hard week of work. As my admin put it on Friday, "You look like shit Manoj. Go home and get some rest." And rest I did, for 28 hours over 3 days. That's nearly 38% of the time - ayyp!! Partying, watching movies and playing tennis took up most of the rest. You don't say?!

Every year since I've known Arun, 7th July and 13th September have been somewhat eventful days. The former is Arun's birthday and the latter, mine. So when I went to Capitol Club this past Friday for Arun's birthday dinner, I was kinda worried that this year might prove to be the contrary, that the weekend would go by without much incident. Haa, haa, charade you are Manoj...

As I said, I slept through most of Saturday. The only reason I actually woke up was to get dressed and head over to Apurva's for Arun's pre-birthday party. Of course we were late, an hour late but we had the alcohol so all was forgiven. Damn that alcohol was potent, I hadn't eaten nothing and had slept all day. Any surprise that the alcohol went straight to my head? A couple shots of Crown Royal didn't help my cause much "neither".

Once all the alcohol had been consumed (the final shot of rum was had straight from the bottle by an undisclosed birthday boy), we walked to Tia Lou's to continue the festivities. By this time, I was a little buzzed (liar) and we partied till Rajit was thrown out sometime before 2am. So here's a statistic - every birthday party I've been to this year at a club has had one of the birthday boys thrown out because of shameless alcohol abuse induced rowdiness. I'm going to reverse that by staying sober on my birthday...

I thought I was pretty sober all night long till someone made me realize that I might've been too buzzed to actually know better. I danced with Kristina (wrong, wrong), ate onion rings among other fried substances from Jack in the Box and then proceeded to chug down a whole litre of water before going to bed. The water should explain why my shirt was drenched when I woke up the next morning. And oh yeah, there was the shameless ............ and I'm that only when I'm buzzed. Maybe not.

Woke up with a wet t-shirt (it's only good to see them women in wet t-shirts) and caught up on the escapades of the birthday boys over brunch. Do you feel lethargic and nasty after a night of food, alcohol, cigarette smoke inhalation and debauchery? Well I do! How do I flush these out of my system? In one word, tennis.

My schedule was pretty tight for the evening - Mitika had invited a whole bunch of us to watch Sarkar that evening at 7:30. The clock was about to strike Five when Daniel and I got the game started - this session had to be quick. When I was the first to get to the cinema (driven by Amru), I felt pretty happy about how I had managed my time. Hey cut it out, it was a Sunday for crying out loud.

After the final reel of Sarkar had played out on the silver screen, I hugged Mitika out of gratitude for her invitation, without which I would've missed out on the best Hindi flick I've seen all year. Amitabh and Abhishek have been directed immaculately by Ram Gopal Varma through a great adaptation of The Godfather. I'm tempted to see the movie again, but will I honestly pay $10 to see it in that nasty theatre - no! I'll get me the DVD and check it out at home on my re-organized quasi home theatre.

Spent Monday chilling out - watched Gol Maal, gave my racquet to be re-strung and played a couple sets of tennis. When I walked in to work this morning, I wanted to be sitting in front of my computer. Though I was dragged into more meetings than I'd like, I thoroughly enjoyed my day. And, I topped it off by beating Sameer 6-1, 6-4. That's Manoj-2, Sameer-0. If I keep improving the way I am, I don't see how Sameer is going to overtake me ;) Lights out...

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