Friday, January 06, 2006

4:30 4:15 3:45 3:45

These are the times I've approximately gone to bed at night this past week. Wake up time: before 9:30. Small surprise then that I have a hard time keeping my eyes open through the day; it takes every bit of will power to go to the gym in the evening but it's gotta be done. I have some ideas for why this insomnia has set in again:

- Caffeine after 4pm
- Intense workouts
- Builder Duties
- Poor schedule management

I'll make up for the REM deficit over the weekend and actually try to fix my schedule so I sleep better and am more effective at work. Truth be told, I'm very edgy without sleep and my tongue can get very sharp at times so for my own sake, I should sleep. An acerbic and sarcastic Manoj isn't very pleasant...

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