Sunday, January 29, 2006

My New Media Center PC

... has changed the way I watch TV. One thing's for sure, I spend much more time sitting on my couch catching up with the shows that have been recorded for me by the MCE. And I have just 12 channels to record programs from!!!

The Australian Open Men's Final is streaming live over AORadio to my computer. As I said, I don't have too many channels and the Australian Open is being shown on ESPN2 (not in my list of channels) so I have to make do with the radio broadcast. Oh well.

I just watched the Series Finale of Sex and the City. Even though the four girls are in stable relationships and there wasn't much more they could've explored in the episodes, I can't help but feel short changed. I will say this though, each episode in this final season touched upon one human emotion or insecurity and made me think about when I felt similarly. My misgivings aside, I now understand why this show was such a huge hit.

Enough of this blogging for now, time to enjoy the radio commentary while I get ready to go to bed. Cheerio...

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