Monday, January 30, 2006

Late Night Meals

I've known this for a while but since this recurred last night, I thought I'd write about it. After an intense workout at night, I've started having a smoothie at the Club to replenish my body's store of vitamins (through fruit), and protein (whey). I get home within an hour of drinking my shake and what do you know, the hunger pangs returned with renewed intensity. I end up eating some dairy (yoghurt, string cheese or a glass of milk) to make the pangs go away but most nights, I need to eat something solid - bread, cereal, something!

Starting today, I'm going to try something new - I am going to drink a whole lot of water to fill my stomach up. If that doesn't work, I'll drink tea. Chamomile has been strongly recommended so I'm going to take a dip. Do you have any other "late night" meal avoidance suggestions for me?


  1. Why are you soooo hell bent on avoiding food? If you are hungry - eat!

  2. It is said that a craving lasts only for 15 min. If you can fight out those 15 min you dont have the craving again.... Has'nt worked for me.. but you could try