Friday, January 05, 2007

The First Weekend of 2007

The first week of 2007 has sped by me. I had a hard time waking up the first few days what with the long hiatus from seeing the clock strike 9. It didn't help that my eyes were recovering from an infection I picked up in San Francisco - 'tis true what they say about that city! As I have said earlier, 2007 is the year for change, for a fresh start. I try to make it to meetings on time, try to avoid getting mad for the small things in life and to work out as often as I can while I watch what I eat.

Watching what you consume can be a very difficult task especially in America - this is truly the land of temptation, where small amounts of money can buy you the tastiest and therefore, the unhealthiest food. My friend Karan would concur with me here - why are the best things in life either unhealthy, illegal or immoral?! These existential questions...

My way of watching what I eat is to allow me one day in the week when I can eat the foods I eschew the rest of the week namely, carbohydrates. I like my cakes, my pastries, bread, ice-cream and desserts. The less I have been eating these foods, the more I am grossed out every time my "carbs" day rolls along. Okay, enough of this stupid rambling.

Terrence and Phillip are doing their thing on South Park and Stan's Grandpa wants to be killed. Aah, the joys of American Late Night television. Time for me to immerse myself...

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