Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The 5 Stages of Visa Denial

I can't believe I didn't getmy visa today And then, they didn't even consider my case at the Consulate, didn't even look at my documents. Maybe if I was a girl.... NOT!

The Mumbai Consulate is the most process-ridden place to get your US Visa. If you can, avoid this consulate at all costs! The bs begins with the first step of the process - going to HDFC Bank to pay the visa fees. Whatever happened to being able to submit $100 in US Bills? This is the first reason I loved the Canadian Consulate experience. My $ bills worked in Canada. After the money is paid at HDFC Bank, you gotta wait 2 days for your receipt to get activated. That's 2 business days!

2 Business days later, you can go to the website and request an appointment. The site is hella slow and the appointments are really hard to find. When you finally get an appointment, you have to remember to drop off your visa documents 5 days prior to your appointment at the VFS office. This is mandated by the Mumbai Consulate only. WTF? Why do they need my documents 5 days in advance? What's even funnier is if you miss the 5 day deadline, you get conflicting information based on who you ask about what your next step should be. Let me make it clear to you - you miss the 5 day deadline, you're in for a long wait to have your receipt reactivated. Lick your wounds my friend because the consulate does things at its own pace.

After the heart-breaking news that they wouldn't accept my application, I went to the VFS center to see if there was a way to expedite the process of getting a new appointment. Nada! Asked if someone had contacts at the consulate - nada! It was when I walked out of the VFS center towards the cab that a wave of Depression engulfed me. I considered what this delay would mean to all my plans in the US. When was I going to write those reviews? Will they change my departure date? Would I have to miss Gaurav's wedding for this visa mess of my own creation? Why was I such an idiot?

After watching the remainder of the India-WI one day international, I have realized that none of this is productive. I'll do what I have to do to get my visa and get back to the States. What's done is done. Is this Acceptance?

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  1. WTF! Hurry the fuck up and get your ass back here!!!!