Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Caffeine Abstinence - Week 2

This has been a really tough week to get through. The headache started on Saturday night and it has stuck - never for once leaving my side, no wait, my head! I could've pounded the back of my head with a rock yesterday and not felt the pain. Today, my temples have throbbed all day. Focusing on work has been well nigh impossible and my verve has ebbed and flowed all day. I had my weak moment yesterday - I wanted a cappuccino so bad but I got through it, I had to get through it. Caffeine withdrawal isn't for the weak of heart...

An unexpected side-effect of the withdrawal has been a sudden spike in my appetite. Looks like this is going to be the toughest week of the detox process. Now that I think of this, the net-net is I am going to give up my favorite beverage and only vice for no foreseeable benefit. The proof is in the pudding and with the passage of time the pudding will be gone and I'll know what it was worth.

For those interested in the documented symptoms of Caffeine Withdrawal, here is a good starting point - Symptoms

If John Hopkins University considers Caffeine Withdrawal as a Disorder :link:, so do I! This isn't to be treated lightly; like I ever take anything seriously...

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