Monday, April 16, 2007

How To - Zune And Podcasts

So many folks have complained about the lack of Podcast support in the Zune that I decided to provide these instructions to the Blogosphere.

How Do I Manage Podcast Content in Zune?

Podcasts are substantially similar to other downloadable content available on the Internet, except that podcasts are refreshed periodically (a weekly radio show, a song of the day, and so on).

Finding, Downloading, and Storing Podcasts

Podcast content is automatically downloaded to your PC by a podcast application you have installed on your PC. If you are new to podcasting, there are several popular podcast applications on the Web. To find one, simply search the Web for "receive podcasts" and you will find several to choose from.

Podcast applications typically store downloaded podcasts in a default Windows folder (for instance, C:\Podcasts). Many also allow you to change the storage directory to the folder of your choice.

Just like with other audio content, podcast content must be stored in a folder monitored by Zune if you want to automatically import it to the Zune library (see "How Do I Import Content to Zune Software?").

If the content is downloaded to a different folder:

  • Direct the podcast content to a monitored folder in the podcast application.
  • Direct the Zune software to monitor the default folder selected by the podcast application.

To find out which folder the podcast application downloads content to, or to direct the podcast application to download to a folder monitored by Zune, refer to the documentation or support offered by the podcast application provider. To find content you’ve directed to a folder monitored by Zune, follow the instructions in the previous section, "How Do I Import Content to Zune Software?"

Synchronizing Podcast Content to Zune

Once podcast content is downloaded into a folder monitored by Zune, the synchronization process is automatic if you’ve chosen to sync audio content automatically. To learn more about how to sync audio content to your Zune device, see the previous section, "How Do I Sync Content to Zune Devices?"

Enjoy your Zune!

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