Monday, April 02, 2007

The Zune Chronicles - Chapter 1

Every weekend this past month is spent in a very similar fashion. I can't seem to get myself out of bed so I can eke out a few more minutes of sleep. The mental exhaustion overpowers the desire to do anything else; my eyes usually sore from having stared at the computer screen for hours on end. I wish it were physical exhaustion - I sparingly go to the gym during the week; the lack of a car means I rarely workout over the weekend.

When I eventually wean myself out from under the sheets, it takes me a few minutes to get out of my discombobulated state. The rigors of the week gone by are only partially behind me and it's only a matter of time before I am completely rejuvenated. A long shower followed by a warm meal and it's time to go back to office again. This time, it's to tie up some loose ends, catch up on personal email and spin some tunes on the fantastic DJ console in the atrium.

Working on the Zune has been exhilarating, strenuous, demanding and viscerally stimulating, all at the same time. The magical aah I experienced when I saw my feature finally work is hard to describe (here's what the console said - 1 Test SUCCEEDED). I had made a contribution to the release, a change that might seem small and inconsequential to the naked eye but one that heralds my passage into a new role. A role of creator and designer of future features, one that hopefully lends me the opportunity to better A customer's experience. Oh the possibilities...

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