Sunday, December 14, 2008

Re-establish Sync Partnership between ActiveSync and Windows Mobile Device

I just spent 2 hours trying to re-establish a sync partnership between my Windows Mobile phone and Microsoft ActiveSync. Too bad there is almost no documentation on how to fix this on the Microsoft website - awesome M$, friggin awesome. Not only is the OS behind the times now, it isn't even as usable as the iPhone OS.

Here is the solution:
On the Device:
- Choose USB to PC and uncheck "Enable advanced network functionality".

If you want to do this on the PC, do the following:
- Delete: C:\Documents and Settings\Your_NAME\Application Data\Microsoft\ActiveSync\Profiles\WM_YourDevice_name

Oh yeah, don't get me started about how changing my device's name causes all messaging functionality to get borked. More pain to follow...

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