Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Week 2008?

I think it's a first for Seattle - it has almost been a week since the first snow flurries descended upon the Emerald city. Today though, nature decided to really open her bosom and let them flurries loose - my driveway had maybe 6 inches of snow, and Beacon Hill wasn't the hardest hit. This snow is going to take more than a few days to clear up. Time to get ready for the aftermath of a snow storm - slick roads, black ice, and jack-knifing vehicles. O Golly!

Been cooped up at home all day is a great recipe for productivity, but after a while, I tend to start tearing through my pantry looking for new things to eat. I think I have exhausted the stockpile of ready to eat food in my house; the thought of cooking tomorrow isn't very appetizing, but if I am to survive another day without visiting a grocery store, I gotta cook. I could take the higher road and not eat but if you know me at all, you know that isn't an option; Manoj Mehta likes to eat.

When asked, almost everyone speaks in such excited tones about the snow. Why doesn't anyone talk about the other side of a snow-storm? The accidents, the general trepidation to venture out of the house, the unnecessary layers of clothing one must put on, the interminable delays in the public transportation system, the reduction in retail sales, the Internet fatigue. Say what - Internet fatigue??

Yes I said it - I couldn't go to the gym and didn't want to watch any television, so I surfed the web all evening and now, I am bored. Yes, I could get a hobby, but how it would have to be indoors, unless you consider snowboarding a hobby. I could be productive indoors, but that's for office hours. What about after? I could go visit a friend, but we're back to the venturing out problem again. So yes, pray tell me, what does one do when they are snowed in like this? By that question I mean, what do *YOU* (imagine my finger pointing) do in times like these?

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