Monday, March 15, 2010

Best online music service - Grooveshark

Move over Pandora, this service is hands down the best I have used. You can control:
- Songs in your playlist
- Go back a song
- Skip a song
- Search for specific songs and add them to to your list
- Like that last line in the current song - rewind :)
- Create playlists
- Radio mode!
- Social networking built-in

Even though Apple won't approve their iPhone application, this is simply the best desktop music application out there. As regards Apple and its walled garden, that's a whole new can of worms; this certainly adds more fuel to the fire brewing over Apple vs Android. In related news, the latest salvo in the Apple vs Android battle was fired by Tim Bray, a prominent developer who has defected to the Android camp. Details :here:

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