Thursday, March 11, 2010

improving JavaScript performance with J�gerMonkey ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

Here's the latest salvo in the browser Javascript wars - Mozilla's new Jagermonkey engine. Highlights:

1. Tracing
2. Nanojit
3. Nitro assembler

all used in conjunction to create screaming Javascript performance. This is all great news, but in this Javascript-arms race, we're soon going to hit a wall. I believe it is time for browser vendors to start looking for the next performance goldmine. From current trends, Google Chrome might be the first one to hit the mother-lode, but I know that Firefox and Safari won't be too far behind. These are great times for us consumers of web browser technology.

On a somewhat related and otherwise tangential note, I was listening to an interview this morning in which a scientist was expostulating the view that soon, the browser in its current avatar won't exist for much longer. Reaching out to the web will become so intertwined with our daily activities that the "obtrusive" and "unintuitive" browser intermediary will be replaced by something else. My thought is the browser will become the only way to interact with our computers and phones, albeit with a dramatically modified and enriched interface.

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