Sunday, April 24, 2011

What EC2 and S3 do so well - manage abstractions

Today we’re the driving force behind NodeJS, which sits on a very different place on the abstraction curve than Smart did. We’ve pulled lots of ideas and lessons from Smart into our hosted NodeJS offering,, but we did drop as much of the magic as possible. The end result is a service that’s tremendously simpler and in many ways less feature rich, but it doesn’t make promises we can’t fulfill and our customers can understand it.

In fact, when something goes wrong they can log right in with a shell and see exactly exactly what’s going on. We’ve paired the transparency with ground-breaking observability tools. NodeJS and are huge successes, largely, I think, because we walked the fine line of abstraction level better this time. It’s only a black box when you want it to be. When you need to look inside, you can. You can evaluate the risk level of the technology and approach yourself.
Great read for anyone interested in technology and how to architect a mission-critical service.

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