Thursday, July 17, 2003

America waking up to the Horrors of Trans-Fat-I || Food Industry Mulls Dropping Obesity-Linked Trans Fats

The only footnote in the article succinctly delivers a horrifying message:

"1 Vigorous exercise, however, can offset the impact of saturated fats, by burning some of them up. The situation is not so simple for trans fats, which the human body seems to be evolutionarily ill-equipped to process. (Indeed, this is the reason why trans fats are thought to interfere with and degrade a number of important physiological processes)."

The article talks about how Kraft Foods was sued in California but the law-suit was dropped. The parent company of Kraft is Phillip Morris and I wonder how long it will take people to start suing Kraft, Kellogg and their kin on the basis of their using a product deemed to be harmful to the user just to make profits (through cost cutting). Sound familiar...

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